Celebrating 100 years of The Bauhaus

This September marks 100 years since The Bauhaus first opened its doors.  The Bauhaus was a revolutionary school of art and design established by Walter Gropius, in Germany, 1919.  It was famous for its approach to design; combining applied arts, crafts, architecture and other creative disciplines all in one building.

The name is a combination of the German words for building (bau) and house (haus), this intended to evoke the ideology of a guild working together to build a new society. Their interdisciplinary approach meant the school was lively with ideas and continual experiments across different art forms took place.

The Bauhaus teaching method replaced the traditional ‘pupil-teacher relationship’ with the idea of a community of artists, working together. The schools aim was to bring ‘Art’ back into contact with all aspects of everyday life.  It is well known for the saying;

‘Form, Follows, Function’.

Famous teachers included: Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, László Moholy-Nagy and Josef Albers.  Their work has inspired artists and design practitioners alike, whilst being admired by millions, to present day.

Unfortunately, the famous school closed in 1933 but its influence afterwards was immense.  The impact created went well beyond the school itself, Germany and their fundamental design principles are still influential today.

To celebrate we designed a ‘Bauhaus’ inspired floral arrangement for our first ever wedding fair.  The arrangement focuses on the use of lines, shapes and natural textures, all prominent design features of the Bauhaus movement.

We have used the iconic Bauhaus colour pallet of red, yellow and blue in our floral design. The primary coloured flower choices of red celosia, yellow roses and blue cyperus alternifolius paired with an array of beautiful green foliage, really envokes the spirit of this momentous design movement.